How Mortgage Lending Depends Largely on the Personnel: The People, Their Dedication, and Their Swiftness

Lending is actually quite similar across the board. There are rather big differences in the overall approach when it comes to direct lenders over brokers and other forms of obtaining a mortgage. Yet, the details are common and similar. The goal is the same- to get customers a mortgage. The systems are quite similar no matter the method of approach. For example, everyone has to use federal regulations for FDA loans and other such matters. It seems that regardless of the method used, it is the personnel who make all the difference.

Direct Lending is Typically Smaller

Direct lending curves past brokers because of the directness and the typical size of the institution. For one, brokers are usually involved with large corporations. A client is, in this sense, just a number in a large portfolio. In a direct lending capacity, the client and their needs make up a larger portion of the total business. Their needs matter more, inherently, and that plays out in how they pursue a good mortgage. Direct lenders tend to be smaller. It is this size difference that makes a huge difference in how supportive the company is.

Dustin Dimisa

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It always seems to come down to the people doing the work. The mechanics are often the same and it is well-shown that lenders all across the spectrum have to sift through the same waters. It is the personal care offered by direct lenders that edge out brokers. They are involved in the whole process because they have a stake in the whole process. A direct lender is the opener, the dealer, and the lender.